After the recent Myntra logo controversy woke feminist are back in the field again. Myntra changed their logoafter complaint against it. Several feminist found that logo quite derogatory.

This time they are planning to targeting the Mamta Banerjee party for it’s name “TMC”. They found it too offensive and discriminatory at the same time. According to them the name of the party resembles an abuse which is against whole of women race.

When asked Mamta Banerjee about this, she only responded “Ka Ka Chi Chi, Ka Ka, Chi Chi”.

Parody Reports coming from Bengal claims that Prashant Kishor who is managing the TMC election campaign is actually an 11th player of the BJP Bengal unit. He is playing the curtains from the BJP side.

After the leak of clubhouse audio of Prashant and other fellow’s “not so journalist” personalities, in which he is found saying that there are chances of BJP winning election.


showing the other side

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